Top 10 Best ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software 2023

 More and more companies are looking to automate standard processes to improve operational efficiency and productivity. BPM (Business Process Management) software is a tool for simplifying and managing business processes.

Choose the one that suits your needs with this ultimate guide to the 8 best tools to manage your social media presence, engage with your followers, and grow your brand.


What is BPM?

Business Process Management stands for “Business Process Management”. It specifies all the stages of the process, from analysis to implementation.

All BPM tools have unique features that make them extremely useful for handling complex workflows and project management tasks. They have potential uses in businesses in all fields – from manufacturing to IT to marketing – with no limitations in terms of complexity or the number of participants in the workflow process.

By using BPM tools, businesses can efficiently and effectively manage their workflows without wasting extra time manually configuring systems. This frees up time for employees to focus on more important tasks, increasing productivity and profitability for businesses across a wide range of industries.


The 10 Best BPM Software


This BPM solution has a graphical process designer that allows you to model your processes step by step and automate certain actions such as:

  • Validation circuits for a document, specifications, etc.
  • Sending emails to warn of something,
  • Recording in the database, writing data in other software (ERP), Recovering data from third-party software.
  • The creation of documents (word, excel, pdf) such as reports according to a custom-made template, the concatenation of several PDFs / images / resources into one for audit reports for example or meeting minutes.
  • The import of Excel files and Use of this document in the format of a web application (reading and modification of the table).

Agilium also has a graphic designer of forms which allows you to create screens linked to the stages of your workflows (forms, reporting). A supervision module (BAM) allows you to replay your processes in the event of an error to keep a clean database!

The Agilium BPM software offers many digitalization possibilities for companies. It is particularly effective for working with several people on flows / workflows and data from different software and company services. Agilium is made to create tailor-made solutions based on workflows modeled on a graphical interface, without coding.



Easily automate complex workflows. ProcessMaker is a BPM solution that lets you design automated business processes and workflows using a low-code interface.

Build a digital-first organization with transparent workflows essential to your success. The platform allows users to automate business processes, connect, deploy and scale third-party systems. It also provides your business with true digital agility in weeks.

ProcessMaker is highly recommended for use in telecommunications, banking, insurance industries to improve customer experience. Other sectors such as healthcare, industry, government and education also use ProcessMaker software. It handles multiple integrations, such as Salesforce, Google Suite, Microsoft OneDrive, and even Slack and LinkedIn.



Improve your team’s productivity with Kissflow. It is a BPM software that automates your business processes. This platform offers other solutions for collaborative management, creation of low-code/no-code applications, project management, etc.

Kissflow offers the following features to manage your workflow:

  • Workflow Automation
  • Creation of custom forms
  • User access control

Kissflow is used by over 10,000 companies in over a hundred countries to automate their business processes.



Heflo is a BPM tool that increases business productivity. The tool has a graphical interface that allows you to automate, model and manage all workflows intuitively.

The solution is 100% cloud-based, which means you can access your processes anytime and from anywhere. With Heflo, you can more easily prioritize important tasks. aunts and get the job done on time. Just drag and drop to add services, tasks and schedule them.

Heflo software is commonly used by ETIs, SMEs, communication and management professionals. Particularly recommended for companies in the following sectors: aeronautics, agriculture or agri-food.



Nintex presents itself as a complete toolbox for the digital transformation of a company. The platform makes it possible to manage automated workflows and to access numerous functions. In practice, Nintex can unify different processes and systems within the same company to simplify complex processes.

Using Nintex enables professionals to better understand key business processes and improve their business productivity. By automating many previously manual or repetitive tasks, employees can free up time to focus on other aspects of the business.

Nintex is a workflow management solution for multiple industries, including energy, healthcare and life sciences, financial services, and government.



Quixy is a cloud-based platform that enables companies to build business applications faster than traditional methods. Quixy is touted as a “no-code” platform that relies on a simple drag-and-drop design.

It offers three major features:

  • Developing no-code applications to support enterprise business processes
  • Process management by modeling, automating, monitoring and optimizing business processes and workflows
  • Creating a digital workplace to track work across your organization on a single platform

Quixy software is commonly used by SMEs and VSEs. It is particularly recommended for executive and management professions.



Pipefy is a powerful process platform that enables businesses to improve their overall productivity using an intuitive interface. Designed for rapid deployment, the Pipefy BPM tool lets you easily manage team tasks and processes no matter your location.

It also allows you to easily create your own processes according to your needs in minutes, without technical knowledge of IT support.

Below is a list of the main features and functions of the software:

  • Work process
  • Online help (forums, tutorials, etc.)
  • Technical support (phone, email, chat, etc.)

Pipefy is especially recommended for small, medium, and large businesses, as well as businesses in the service industry.


Process Street

Streamline your BPM and repetitive workflows with Process Street. Improve employee productivity by easily managing processes such as employee onboarding or training with simple automation.

The platform is cloud-based and lets you create, manage, and share workflows with your team. You can connect your Process Street processes to your existing software solution to make them even more useful.

Process Street software packages are commonly used in business process management and the service industry. They help manage projects, sales, marketing, human resources, etc.



Appian Corporation helps companies quickly build custom business applications for web and low-code mobile devices.

Keep your employees connected to key business processes and company data. Appian’s Design Interface is a model-based web development environment for automating workflows using your own rules and logic.

Appian’s clients are French companies: BNP Paribas, GRDF, Natixis and Sanofi. Internationally, Appian’s customers include auditing and consulting firm KPMG, elevator maker Kone, telecommunications carriers T-Mobile and Telefonica, and the US Air Force.


Oracle Business Process Management

Oracle Business Process Management is a suite of cloud-based products that provide a full suite of flexible and continuous business improvement capabilities. These capabilities include creating process models using drag-and-drop symbol placement in a model to form a workflow that can be completed with a wide variety of tools.

It has several functionalities including: business operations modeling, machine learning, AI, performance analysis, predictive analysis, simulation, role-based task assignment and management. decisions. Together, these capabilities form an advanced platform that supports a collaborative enterprise design and development environment.


Criteria to consider before buying BPM software

Respond to specific needs

Why is it necessary for you to use BPM software? What are the problems you hope to get rid of with the help of this solution? Is it simple automation, or do you need complex integration with software you already have? Your answers to these questions will help you determine which features are absolutely necessary for your BPM software. Keep in mind that the answers will change depending on the type of business you are targeting. For this reason, we cannot say that there is one software that is suitable for all users. Therefore, determining the nature of the problem is the first step in the process of selecting the appropriate program.



User experience is paramount.

There is not the slightest room for debate on this issue. Those who are going to use BPM software should be able to decide which features will benefit them the most. In case the first solution is not an option for you, a simple user research can also help you get some answers. For example, how familiar are users with the technology? If the answer is yes, you have the option of choosing a slightly more complicated tool. If not, you’ll need a simple tool that anyone can use without worry.

The choice of business process management (BPM) software should be made with the intention of simplifying various processes. It will be counterproductive to achieve this goal if it makes things harder to understand than they already are.


Carrying out analyzes and reports

The ability to change and progress should be central to any management strategy. It is a process that is constantly improving. In order to guarantee this, analyzes are necessary. Therefore, the best option is to look for BPM software that also supports data analysis. Some features, such as the automatic generation of reports based on key performance indicators of business users, will allow users to make better decisions. Some of the metrics to consider here include highlighting costs, focusing on activities that don’t add value, and outlining ways to reduce waste.

For this to become a reality, not only must the functionality be present, but also the tool in question must be used intensively. Because they understand the tool better than anyone, frontline users are in the best position to determine how efficiency can be improved.


Administration of content and collaborative work

Collaboration within processes is at the heart of content management, which should be considered when choosing BPM software. How will the tool you choose encourage your teams to actively use it? Will there be an increase in team productivity? Will it make it easy to share ideas and collect feedback? The correct answer must be yes. Because they encourage growth and development, the recommendations in this article will ultimately result in successful business results.



Any process management tool you choose to implement in your business should be both scalable and flexible. The function of your business process management software will evolve with changing business needs. Therefore, the presence of a rigid tool can hinder scalability. Whenever you want to make a minor tweak or add new features, you may need the help of a technical expert. This will result in a significant increase in business expenses.

The good news is that this problem has been solved through no-code and low-code development. When you have a platform that requires no coding, developing and customizing apps happens much faster. It’s also very easy on the wallet because you don’t need to hire professional software developers to do it for you.

A platform that requires no coding can be used by anyone, and the resulting solutions can be excellent and highly customizable.



Cost is definitely an important consideration. nte, but it should never take precedence over everything else. For that reason, it’s not the first thing we covered in the list we created.

It is better to check the return on investment rather than looking at the initial cost. Returns should be satisfactory without requiring an excessively long wait. If you’re short on cash, you should prioritize companies that can offer you some financial leeway. They will provide you with a solution that has all the features you need without paying too much.



To streamline business processes, a business process management (BPM) tool should centralize all software applications currently in use. Appropriate integration is therefore absolutely necessary. Also, integrating a new BPM program into your already established processes and systems doesn’t have to be a laborious task. The BPM software you select should offer multiple integration paths, such as webhooks, APIs, etc. In this case, it will not serve the purpose for which it was designed and will not meet the definition of automation.



The days when everything could be managed from one place – the office – are long gone. The most recent events around the world have accelerated the remote working process. Your workplace will not be determined by borders. Therefore, the BPM software you choose should be accessible anytime, anywhere.

It is essential to emphasize that choosing a cloud-based application is not enough (we will discuss this in more detail later). Also, it should be optimized for mobile use. In other words, it must work perfectly, regardless of the device used.



Accommodation is the last essential on our list. You can consider keeping the data on your own premises or storing it in the cloud. The first option is more expensive and requires various resources, both technical and human, but it offers better control. On the other hand, it does not offer any flexibility in terms of scalability. Cloud computing is more convenient and cost effective. If you pay close attention to setting up the cloud hosting service, you won’t even have to worry about security measures. Therefore, moving to cloud computing is the best option.



Outstanding after-sales service is an essential part of any high-quality business process management software. We are in a technologically advanced age, and it is essential that there is a support system for any software. When choosing BPM software for your business, one of the most important features to look for is software that offers technical support. Any problem, no matter how small, is likely to hamper the proper functioning of the organization as a whole. Any issues require prompt attention and resolution to avoid disruption to day-to-day operations. There are plenty of business process management software out there. But it is absolutely necessary that you choose the option that includes after-sales customer service.


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