These applications that allow you to make ends meet

Keeping animals, offering your services for DIY or delivering parcels… Many applications offer odd jobs to make ends meet.

Students, employees or retirees, in this period of inflation, many are looking to make ends meet with odd jobs. Today, many applications exist, allowing individuals to offer their services. The remuneration can range from a few tens to hundreds of euros per month. A way to put butter in the spinach.

Up to several hundred euros per month to look after animals

After confinement, in 2020, Layra downloaded the Rover app, which connects pet sitters with dog and cat owners. This 30-year-old Parisian grew up in Brazil, always surrounded by animals. “I missed it a lot, I really wanted to keep dogs. This is something I was already doing in my home country. A month after my registration on the application, I had my first shift,” says the user.

In addition to enjoying the company of animals, this activity allows Layra to have a small income at the end of the month. “I can make up to 700 euros per month in periods of high demand, during the summer, Christmas holidays or school holidays”. A significant plus for this actress. A dog or cat sitter can be paid between 20 and 40 per day, or even more if the animal requires specifics.

To become a pet-sitter, it’s quite simple: just register on the platform and wait for the validation of your profile. No need for a large space, it is especially necessary to have a little time to walk the animal out. And of course, have affection for animals. “Even if the application is easy to manage, you have to know that being a pet sitter is serious work. You have to take care of the animals and not do it just for the money. You don’t need to have a lot of experience, but it’s a responsibility, it takes time and attention,” warns Layra.

Rover is not the only application allowing individuals to offer their services for payment.

Tinkering can make you money

In addition to animal care, if you know how to tinker or you have time to do small services, you can register on the Allovoisins or Yoojo platform for example. Assembling furniture, repairing a water leak, ironing, offering private lessons, babysitting, renting camping equipment to go on vacation… the possibilities are numerous.

You can also take advantage of your journeys during the day to pick up parcels on your way and be an occasional deliverer. Sites like Cocolis, Waytome or Yper offer this service.

Other solutions to make ends meet

More unknown, being a mystery shopper can bring you a small sum. As a “fake customer”, you may be asked to evaluate the service of a point of sale, go to a supermarket and take a photo to verify that the articles of a brand are indeed present on the shelves and arranged properly. Missions paid less than ten euros. Ipsos, Qualimetry or Qualimarket offer this little job.

You can also become a tester for certain products. Less profitable, this option allows you to obtain articles for free. You can register on Testforus or on Testerdesproduits.

Sell your clothes

The method is not new, but still works. By going around your cupboards and your home, you will surely find clothes, kitchen appliances or electronics gathering dust. With applications like Vinted or LeBonCoin, it is very easy to sell items between individuals. Especially since the second-hand market is booming. Get started!

Rent your apartment, your house or even your swimming pool

There too, nothing really new, but your accommodation can bring you a nice sum of money. If you are going away for a weekend, one or more weeks, consider putting your accommodations on platforms such as AirBnb, Abritel, PAP vacances. No need to be an owner to rent your house or apartment, it is also possible by being a tenant, if you have permission. And if you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool or a garden, know that you can rent these spaces to individuals.

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