Sociable and clever animal: what if you adopted a goat?

A clever, funny and playful animal, the goat has become a real pet. Owning a goat nevertheless requires attention and good conditions for its well-being and your peace of mind.

How to welcome it?

Start by making sure that the outdoor space that will be dedicated to it is generous in grass and large enough: minimum 200 m² for a single goat, an additional 100 m² for a second goat.

Very sociable, the goat needs interactions: it can cohabit with congeners, or sheep, ewes, horses, donkeys, geese…

Setting up a shelter that does not let the wind through will be essential, with a good thickness of litter, to be renewed as soon as it is dirty. Secure your land with a fence at least 1.20 m high.

How to feed her?

In addition to the grass, branches, leaves and twigs, which it will naturally have available, supplement its diet every day with quality hay in a feeder. In winter, she will appreciate cereals, pellets, and fruits and vegetables in small quantities.

The goat can drink up to 10 liters of water a day, so make sure she always has fresh, clean water in her drinker.

Regular veterinary visits will be expected (vaccination reminders, deworming, anti-parasite treatment, hoof maintenance once or twice a year, etc.). Be careful, adopting a goat is a long-term commitment: its life expectancy is 15, even 18 years. It is therefore important to think carefully before welcoming one on your land!

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