Return of the beautiful days: what are the dangers for your dog?

Although encouraging for our morale, the spring and summer seasons are unfortunately not without danger for our four-legged friends. Insects, diseases, toxic plants, the risks are numerous.

We must prepare for the arrival of spring. Indeed, dogs can face several problems during this season.

To preserve your dog, it is imperative to protect him from fleas and ticks, by using an antiparasitic. Among the diseases transmitted by ticks, piroplasmosis can be dangerous for your animal: a visual and tactile examination of your animal after each outing is essential!

If you garden, keep in mind that some plants are poisonous to animals if ingested. Similarly, insecticides and fertilizers should be used with care, as they are highly toxic! Opt for natural solutions.

It will also be necessary to pay attention to mosquito bites, which can cause leishmaniasis: a serious disease whose main symptoms are nosebleeds, weight loss and skin problems.

It is important to consult your veterinarian if you notice any persistent symptoms. If your dog is over 6 months old, you can have him vaccinated against this disease.

Watch out for the spikelet

Finally, do not underestimate the dangers of the spikelet. This small wild grass seed, mainly present in lawns and tall grass, clings very easily to animal hair. It can also become lodged between the pads or penetrate the various orifices of the animal.

It can cause infections, ulcers, abscesses, reach the respiratory tract and cause serious damage! If in doubt, an emergency veterinary consultation is required.

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