Retirement, transmission: how to establish your wealth strategy?

Alone or with a specialized advisor, establishing a heritage strategy allows you to organize your assets and resources and their future according to your aspirations.

As you prepare for your retirement or the transfer of your assets, do you think you have implemented the necessary and sufficient solutions consistent with your situation?

It is possible that not since a survey carried out in 2019 by the IFOP on behalf of the Union Financière de France (a bank specializing in wealth management advice) indicated that only one French retiree in three took, during his working life, arrangements to increase the level of his income.

This is where the heritage strategy comes in, a tool that consists of articulating its objectives and the means to be implemented to achieve them.

Take stock

Any strategy begins by establishing a precise inventory of his situation by making an inventory of his goods and resources, but also by taking into account his family composition, his matrimonial regime, his professional context, his taxation, even his relationship to risk. .

This is followed by an analysis presented in the form of a balance sheet showing on one side the assets (real estate, consumer goods, financial investments, cash, etc.) and on the other the liabilities (expenses, debts, loans , etc.) ; analysis which may be accompanied by a provisional budget.

Define aims

The definition of its objectives does not necessarily come chronologically after the establishment of the balance sheet. Very often, it is even these objectives that will have led you to this process. However, by having determined the strengths and weaknesses of your financial situation, the audit will have shed new light on them.

Securing additional income in retirement, better transmitting one’s assets or building up a real estate portfolio are some of these objectives. They must also be ranked in order of priority and according to the duration of the investment.

Organize solutions

These solutions are established by crossing the elements of the balance sheet with your objectives. It may be a question of reorganizing one’s assets, setting up savings products, renegotiating one’s loans, adapting one’s matrimonial regime, creating an SCI…

These solutions are extremely numerous and must be carefully weighed. They are also dependent on time, in other words on the term of your objectives: short, medium or long.

Have a global approach

If it is possible to implement an asset strategy yourself – a fortiori if your assets are not substantial or if you feel comfortable deciphering the information that can be found on the Internet or in various specialized works – it may be preferable to have recourse to a specialized adviser. The latter will be of great help to you for what experts call the global approach, or the 360° approach.

A successful strategy is indeed often one that manages to encompass a large number of dimensions (professional, fiscal, civil situation, resources, risk aversion, knowledge of investments, etc.) to compare them with the objectives.

Conversely, a bad strategy would be one that focuses on a single aspect, for example taxation.

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