Internet sales and garage sales: should they be declared to taxes?

Private sales are rarely subject to tax. However, their tax situation may change depending on the nature of the goods sold and the amount of the transactions, or even if they are considered by the tax authorities as a commercial activity.

With the return of spring, comes the season of garage sales and other street flea markets. Do you plan to have a stand and put goods on sale? Do you then have to declare to the tax authorities the income from which you derive profit?

Occasional character… up to a certain amount

In most cases, the answer is no. Whether you sell a cutlery set from your grandmother, a record collection, a camera, etc., the tax authorities then recognize the occasional nature of the sale, carried out “ as part of the management of your private assets ”.

As this is not a professional activity, this income is not taxable. The rule applies to goods that you sell via collaborative platforms on the Internet such as Leboncoin, eBay or Vinted.

Buy to resell

The situation is quite different if you are buying or making to sell. In this case, the tax authorities consider that you are carrying out a commercial activity whose revenue is subject to tax. Your tax regime then depends on your turnover.

Below 176,200 euros per year, you can opt for the micro BIC regime which allows you to be taxed on only 29% of your income at the income tax scale. You may also prefer to opt for the real regime, which applies automatically if your income is greater than 176,200 euros.

Precious objects

Finally, there remains the particular case of precious objects whose sale, even if it is unlikely to take place during a garage sale, is taxable. This concerns:

  • precious metals (gold, platinum, silver and post-1800 coins),
  • works of art and antiques (paintings, engravings, furniture over 100 years old, etc.),
  • jewelry and collectibles (collector’s vehicles, coins from before 1800, archaeological objects, etc.).

For precious metals, a flat tax of 11% on the price of the good must be paid, regardless of the amount. For the other three categories, a fixed tax of 6% of the price is applied for an amount greater than 5,000 euros.

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