How to help a dog mourn his master?

The loss of a loved one is a difficult stage to go through, which also affects pets. Here are some tips that will help you support your dog in these difficult times.

When confronted with the disappearance of their favorite human, some dogs may show subtle mood swings, sometimes leading to depression.

In dogs, the signs of bereavement can be expressed by the following symptoms: loss of appetite, lack of enthusiasm, fatigue, sleep disturbances, incontinence, excessive licking. The dog can also express his sadness by barking and crying.

What behavior to adopt with the dog?

To be well in his head, a dog needs a framework and a stable and structured rhythm of life. This is why it is important not to upset his habits when his master dies.

To do this, try to feed it and walk it at the same times as its previous owner. If possible, don’t change his diet either. To encourage him to go out, diversify the walk routes by going to places rich in sounds and new smells.

Keep in mind that a grieving dog may need extra love and attention. To comfort him and distract him from the loss of his master, be sure to spend more time by his side, and to share moments of play, which will be all the more necessary during this period for his physical and psychological balance. Caresses, brushing sessions and comforting words will also help you strengthen your bond.


Although it is necessary to be patient and understanding, do not be too permissive. It is essential to maintain the rules of life and the education previously put in place.

In most cases, the dog will eventually recover from the disappearance of its owner. Nevertheless, if after several months the symptoms associated with bereavement persist, it is recommended to consult your veterinarian.

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