Find Your Perfect CRM Match: 12 Hubspot Alternatives to Consider

Hubspot is a very well-known and very powerful CRM (customer
relationship management) marketing tool, which also acts as a CMS and a service
platform. It certainly enjoys a strong reputation and a great functional
richness, but its paid version can quickly prove to be expensive for small

Fortunately, there are many other tools on the market that
offer the same services. Here is our top 12 alternatives to Hubspot to choose
the software that will perfectly match your needs:

  • Our favorite software: Webmecanick
    Automation and Sellsy Prospecting & Sales
  • Essential CRM software️: Salesforce Sales Cloud,
    monday sales CRM and Zoho CRM
  • Software made in France – cocorico! 🇬🇧:
    Axonaut and noCRM
  • The most complete software: Teamleader and
  • Software specialized in emailing:
    ActiveCampaign, Engage Bay and Sendinblue

How is an alternative to Hubspot interesting for companies?

Among marketing tools, Hubspot has become a reference and
one of the market leaders. The features offered are plethoric, the main ones

  • marketing hub to generate leads and do marketing automation;
  • Sales CRM (customer relationship management);
  • customer service ;
  • content management (CMS);
  • data automation.

Its strengths: its very generous free plan and its rather
responsive customer service in French. The tool now has more than 3 million
subscribers and is approaching 170,000 customers, but it also has its limits,
in particular its Swiss army knife aspect.

Indeed, if you don’t need all the features offered, it’s a
shame to opt for a paid plan, especially since the bill is rising quickly 🤑 ! Moreover, the purely commercial aspect of the CRM
has some flaws, such as limited reporting in the free version.


Webmecanik Automation

Webmecanik Automation is a Made in France and very
easy-to-use marketing automation tool that supports companies of all sizes in
setting up effective and targeted automated marketing campaigns.

Trusted by more than 400 companies, the platform lets you
identify business opportunities at a glance and automatically qualifies the
hottest leads through an intelligent segmentation system. Result? You save
valuable time and focus on your core business: enriching the customer

In addition to an ultra-complete marketing automation system
via simple and pre-defined workflows, the functional coverage of Webmecanik
Automation is also very broad: an email marketing tool with auto-responders and
automatic reminders, the creation of landing pages, contact management, etc.

Main benefits

  • Hosting and infrastructure in France 100% GDPR compliant;
  • A very ergonomic interface and a particularly neat design
    that offers very pleasant and simple use on a daily basis;
  • A dashboard that offers a global view of your customer
    management with real-time reporting and consistent data analysis;
  • Tailor-made support whatever the tariff formula chosen;
  • Responsive support with a 98% satisfaction rate
  • Many certifications: ISO 22301, ISO 9001, ISO 27018, ISO


A price that can be expensive for very small structures.



Pricing is calculated based on the number of contacts, with
full access to the tool: from €400/month for 10,000 contacts and all features


Sellsy Prospecting & Sales

Sellsy Prospection & Vente is a French software that
gives you access to many CRM functionalities similar to Hubspot: you gather all
the interactions with your customers in one place for better management, you
use the pipeline view to efficiently process your sales opportunities. business
and to track the maturity of your leads with a score.

The tool also gives you access to an automation system to
automate your email marketing campaigns to save time and increase efficiency.
Finally, you can generate activity reports for each of your sales
representatives for more precise monitoring and better analysis of their

Main benefits

  • All-in-one software to manage sales, marketing and
    administration with native integration of your invoicing and pre-accounting
  • A collaborative tool to organize information in the company
    and for your sales, marketing, customer support and finance teams to
    collaborate more easily;
  • A dedicated team to accompany you, advise you and train you
    on a daily basis, at each stage of your use.


Sellsy Prospection & Vente does not offer advanced
invoicing and accounting features.



For the CRM suite, giving access to prospecting, sales,
invoicing and management tools, three plans are offered: Essentials at
€45/user/month, Advanced (€75) and Enterprise (on estimate).


Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a complete CRM that allows you to
manage your customer relationship centrally thanks to a 360° view around the
sales funnel. It is possible to follow his exchanges with his contacts by
having an overview of the customer’s file, but also to manage relevant
commercial data on leads. Dashboards are very accurate and easy to use.

Sales Cloud integrates with various tools such as Slack or
Outlook, but especially in the Salesforce Customer 360 suite: this gives you a
super powerful all-in-one tool.

Main benefits

  • A recognized tool with numerous certifications (ISO 27018,
    GDPR, TRUSTe, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS);
  • Integration with Slack for internal communication and a
    dedicated mobile application for full accessibility anywhere and anytime;
  • Configurable dashboards from predefined and customizable


Salesforce CRM software can be expensive for smaller



The first package is at €25/user/month for the Essentials
level, the last is at €300/user/month, going through two intermediaries at €75
and €150/user/month.


monday sales CRM

Recognized first for its project management functions,
monday sales CRM is also an efficient and intuitive CRM, equipped with an
ultra-ergonomic interface that makes it easy to manage the sales pipeline. With
its intuitive platform, you can track leads, save time with current and
potential customers, and sync your sales team members.

monday sales CRM allows you to solve the following problems,
among others: leads that escape your attention, too long processes to close
deals, wasted time searching through emails, teams that have difficulty
communicating , repetitive tasks that are too time-consuming, etc.


Main benefits

  • Functional wealth: a single space to manage all aspects of
    the sales process, real-time monitoring and reporting, transparent
    communication directly on the elements, etc.;
  • Ultra-fast handling and configuration in addition to
    multilingual, responsive and available customer support;
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting that allows you to
    adapt your marketing actions based on customer data updated in real time.


Some features are paid and can be expensive for smaller



The first plan starts at €10/user/month (Basic), with a
Standard version at €14/user/month and a Pro version at €24/user/month. Full
version Enterprise on estimate.


Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is an alternative to Hubspot which has the
advantage of being accessible free of charge for 3 users. The tool is ideal for
small and medium organizations that want to streamline their business

With workflow automation, you can set up tasks, alerts, and
notifications to improve your lead management. You can also create assignment
rules to assign prospects to specific users. In addition, Zoho CRM allows
sending follow-up emails to customers and notifying managers if a prospect has
not been contacted for more than two days.

You can also implement marketing strategies with emailing
campaigns, lead nurturing, segmentation and prospecting tools. These allow you
to generate leads from different sources, including social networks.

Main benefits

  • A complete ecosystem of software around CRM (video, emails,
    chat, CMS, etc.);
  • An AI-powered predictive analytics tool to analyze advanced
    lead and deal predictions provided by Zia to optimize your sales process;
  • Integration with your internal and external applications and
    an intuitive mobile application;
  • Recording the content of sales meetings and automating your
    recurring sales processes using Blueprint;


We can also regret that the support is in English and is a
paid option.



The plans are organized around 4 packs that start at
€14/user/month (standard) in annual billing and go up to €52/user/month
(ultimate). Completely free version limited to 3 users.



Axonaut is a Made in France software, ultra easy to use and
intuitive which offers a wide range of functionalities to optimize your time
and your daily tasks, in particular a CRM module allowing you to centralize
your contacts, connect your e-mails and calendars online, and track sales
cycles to re-engage prospects.

A true all-in-one tool, it is even more complete than Hubspot
since it offers features for editing quotes and invoices, electronic signature,
cash management, expenses and accounting.

Main benefits

  • An ultra-complete tool that centralizes all of your activity
    in addition to a powerful CRM module: invoicing and accounting, project
    management, HR management, cash, administration, after-sales service, etc.;
  • Very rich CRM module: management of emailing campaigns,
    multi-criteria targeting, segmentation of prospects, contact files, follow-up
    of customer contracts, etc.;
  • Relevant features for e-merchants: a plugin to manage online
    stores, inventory tracking and automatic invoice generation;
  • A very good quality/price ratio with a responsive team 100%
    based in France which supports users on a daily basis with the AxoBot and/or by
    email, free of charge.


The solution is not suitable for ETIs and large groups, only
for VSEs and SMEs.



The Axonaut price list works on a sliding scale by number of
users, starting at €34.99/month/user for 1 user and full access to the various



NoCRM is a software dedicated to commercial prospecting. The
Kanban mode interface is light, simple and efficient, with a single objective:
to convert the prospect into a customer and close the sale. The prospecting
file, on the other hand, can be made up from an Excel or csv file and works
like an improved spreadsheet.

Ideal for VSEs and SMEs looking for an easy-to-integrate
tool, NoCRM works in Saas mode and is an excellent alternative to Hubspot.

Main benefits

  • A cold prospecting tool that provides access to contact
    files in an isolated space reserved for this activity;
  • Sales reps can be assigned to a specific lead or an entire
    file and it’s also possible to flag if a lead is unqualified or turn it into an
    opportunity with just one click;
  • Different choices of “view” to follow your sales
    processes: the “pipeline view” for a quick view of the position of
    the opportunities, the “expanded view” which provides a list of
    priority tasks in the form of a map and the “compact view” to
    highlight the important elements by adjusting the size of the columns.
  • Available and attentive customer service and an intuitive
    mobile application.


Its 100% commercial prospecting orientation makes it a tool
that offers few marketing features, unlike the Hubspot Swiss army knife.



The Stater Kit (3 users maximum) is 10 €/user and per month.
The intermediate level is €19/user/month and the Dream Team rate costs


Team leader

Teamleader is a complete business management software that
has been designed to help entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses
streamline their processes and boost their productivity. Intuitive and easy to
learn, it is based on the three fundamental pillars of a business: sales,
organization and invoicing.

Thus, it helps to effectively manage internal work, optimize
the customer journey and manage customer projects. It also includes
functionalities relating to customer management such as the optimization of the
customer journey thanks to an integrated videoconferencing module, the creation
of quotes, project management, time tracking and the creation of invoices.

Main benefits

  • A synchronized agenda that gives you an overview of your
    employees’ schedules and simplifies the planning of your tasks and the making
    of appointments;
  • A pipeline view that provides a clear view of sales
    opportunities: in progress, won or lost;
  • A predictive system that displays the forecast turnover by
    quarter or by month, depending on the expected closing date and the chances of
    success of your sales opportunities;
  • Connecting with over 200 apps and automating your sales
    process when an opportunity changes phase.


The solution is less suitable for companies with a large
number of prospects.



Count €50/month for 2 users + €25/month per additional user
for the cheapest formula (Go formula), €66/month (Move formula) and €90/month
(Boost formula). Decreasing rates from the 6th additional user.



Pipedrive is a CRM that offers a set of features to help
businesses manage their sales process. With its sales pipeline system, you can
easily drag and drop your contacts, add activities, and track your leads. Its
automation features also help simplify sales-related administrative tasks so
you can focus on your business.

Pipedrive’s sales tunnels are built in an ergonomic
interface that is very easy to learn and configure. Prospect management allows
you to keep a chronology of contacts. Finally, the reporting is improving from
version to version to adjust its commercial policy directly.

Main benefits

  • Lead generation features to generate, prioritize and track
    your leads through a variety of options available on the platform;
  • Reports and dashboards to anticipate, target and control the
    impact of your team’s actions thanks to dashboards and powerful filters;
  • Easy API connectivity and over 275 out-of-the-box
    integrations to let you easily integrate Pipedrive into your business;
  • Available customer support and accessible French tutorials.


There is no marketing automation possible with Pipedrive,
which forces you to use another tool for that.



The Essential plan is from €14.90/month and per user on
annual billing. There are several ranges depending on your needs (Advanced,
Professional and Enterprise at €99/user/month). A trial version14 days free is
also available.



ActiveCampaign is often known as newsletter software, but it
offers great CRM and marketing automation features to create impactful email

The solution allows you to send newsletters to your
customers and helps you maintain contact with your customers by using personal
and behavioral data to automate your marketing channels.

Main benefits

  • The ability to design targeted email campaigns to reach your
    audience effectively;
  • Intuitive and ergonomic use;
  • Synchronization of tasks with Google Calendar, Outlook or
    Apple Calendar and more than 870 possible integrations.
  • Affordable entry price.


The basic paid plan is quite limited in terms of features.


ActiveCampaign’s paid plan starts at $29/month for one user
for email and marketing automation. For the Sales format, count from $19/month
for small teams. The Marketing + Sales plan starts at $93/month.


Engage Bay

EngageBay is also a very good alternative to Hubspot due to
the functionalities it offers which are very similar: CRM, marketing
automation, lead nurturing, emailing… You can add as many contacts as
necessary and follow them as they come. progress in the sales funnel.

EngageBay allows you to set up lead capture forms, landing
pages and emails enriched with marketing automation. Getting started with the
CRM requires practically no learning, because the interface is super intuitive.

Main benefits

  • Free support, regardless of the plan subscribed, even free;
  • Automate your sales funnel in minutes with advanced sales
    automation tools: nurture your leads and increase engagement and earn hours
    every day;
  • A powerful email tracking tool to keep track of your leads’
    actions, with automatic notifications when someone opens an email or clicks a
    link in the email;
  • Simplify appointment booking by sharing the calendar link in
    your signature or in the content of the email and give your customers the
    possibility to book an appointment at their convenience.


Third-party app integrations are quite limited.



The free plan is well-stocked, but limited to 250 contacts.
The paid plans are Basic ($13.79/user/month), Growth ($45.99/user/month), and
Pro ($91.99/user/month).



Sendinblue is a French company that offers a CRM, email
automation and marketing automation tool as an alternative to Hubspot. The tool
allows you to edit your emails in formats suitable for all screens, personalize
emails and SMS, clean your contact databases and manage unsubscriptions as well
as monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Easy to use thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive
interface, Sendinblue allows you to send transactional emails backed by your
CRM and your sales software (for example, abandoned cart, order confirmation,
invoice, etc.).

Main benefits

  • An all-in-one tool for sending newsletters, managing
    customers and doing marketing automation.
  • Very advanced CRM-type functionalities: segmentation of
    contacts according to behavioral, socio-demographic, transactional criteria,
    management of lists and sub-lists;
  • Transparent pricing by volume of emails sent with the chat
    function to engage contacts directly;
  • A better email open rate, a better responsiveness rate and
    therefore more conversions for you.


Sendinblue is first and foremost an emailing software: the
CRM quickly finds its limits, even with paid plans.



Sendinblue is accessible for free with unlimited contacts
and most of the features. Paid plans start at €19/month (Starter) and go up to



If you are looking for a credible alternative to Hubspot to
manage your customers and your sales funnels, there is no shortage of tools.
Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, the main thing being that
the software meets the needs.


No need to invest in a highly configurable gas plant if your
use is basic. It is therefore essential to start by analyzing your needs and
expectations in order to select the ideal CRM software for your company.

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