Big spring cleaning: how to get rid of what clutters us?

With the good weather coming, comes the desire to clean up your home. Because we often have the unfortunate tendency to accumulate… Our advice for carrying out this spring cleaning effectively.

The first flower buds and rays of sunshine may make you want to do a big spring cleaning at home. This is an opportunity to clean your house or apartment from top to bottom, from the cellar to the attic, but also to sort and tidy up. Because many of us tend to accumulate…

However, it is not always easy to get started. So to give yourself courage, Cécilia Chopo, storage coach and interior organizer, advises to “consider that it is a project, as one can have a professional project or a personal project. For that, you have to get organized and realize that you have to devote a little time to it. »

Declutter before cleaning

Then, the storage steps are very simple: when you want to store, you must first sort and declutter. “Because the mess, it does not line up, it is eliminated directly”, recommends the specialist.

The easiest way is to proceed by category of objects. For example, if you want to sort the clothes, you have to group them all in the same place to realize the mass that you have, put everything on a bed or on the floor, and then take each item of clothing one by one and sort. Once you put aside everything you don’t want, what you really want and what you like remains. “This is where we can clean up, there will be a lot less mess,” adds Cécilia Chopo.

On Gulli, a program to learn how to sort and store

This Wednesday evening, the Gulli channel is launching a new program. In “Le Grand Débarras, un tri à tout prix”, Cécilia Chopo, storage coach and interior organizer and Mathilde Vauprès, auctioneer, will help families sort, store and resell their unused objects.

“My role is to go to the families and identify the objects they no longer need. We sort, we declutter, we really do a lot of storage in their house. We evacuate a lot of things that they no longer want. I entrust all of this to Mathilde, who is organizing a big auction to try to sell the objects that the family no longer wants, and with all the money collected, they will be able to finance a project that is close to their hearts, ”explains Cécilia. Chopo.

You will find tips on organization, but also on the transformation of objects or the use of the second-hand market. A show to become a real storage ace and discover purchasing power in your cupboards!

Ask the right questions

It is also important to identify the causes of this mess. Two cases come up often. Starting with the daily accumulation. It is, for example, something that you will bring home from work, that the children will bring home from school. However, it is very rare to take time during the week to sort through what has entered the house. No need to be a mathematician to understand that after a while, it explodes!

The other case is the follower of “it can be useful”. “We know that we have some sorting to do, but we prevent ourselves from doing so, because it is difficult to part with objects, either because we are attached to these objects for sentimental reasons, or because we is a do-it-yourselfer and we think we’ll use these objects one day,” explains the storage specialist.

Spring cleaning can be a time to really ask the question: is this object really useful? Am I really going to do something about it? How long has it been gathering dust? Even if this sorting can make you feel sick, you will certainly forget certain objects very quickly once you get rid of them.

Upcycling, to give a second life to your objects

Upcycling is the idea that nothing is lost, but everything is transformed. We will recycle materials or objects that we no longer use in order to revalorize them and give them a new “top-of-the-range” life, with added value.

“I often see sleeping objects in houses. We can wake them up to integrate them into our daily life, without being a DIY ace and again find them nice and functional. You have to try to be creative. Some may also have a very good life with a new family. The second-hand market is very interesting,” says Cécilia Chopo.

Upcycling is, for example, using the wood of a damaged piece of furniture to make shelves, transforming pallets into a coffee table for the garden or using a t-shirt with holes to make darlings. An economical and ecological concept.

Become aware of how you consume

Finally, the specThe storage specialist strongly recommends doing this big sorting, since after this step, you will only have maintenance to do from time to time. “You can also do a small corner of the house or a piece of closet every week. But my advice is that if you have accumulated a lot of stuff, this big sorting is essential. »

Take advantage of the arrival of spring to tackle this task. As a group, as a family, divide up the things to do: a room or a closet.

As a bonus, once this major cleaning is done, you should be more sensitive to the way you consume and be careful not to buy unnecessary things. “When you’ve spent time sorting, you don’t want to clutter up again,” confirms Cécilia Chopo.

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