Amateur gardeners have an appointment at the Plant Festival this weekend

Even if the rain came this weekend, at the Parc de l’Europe it’s spring. The Plant Festival and its many producers are back. The opportunity to flower your garden or balcony and receive valuable advice.

The weather is uncertain this weekend for the 17th edition of the Plant Festival and the rain even came on Saturday afternoon. But, in the alleys of the Parc de l’Europe, the amateur gardeners were there, from Saturday morning, delighted to find the producers to whom they have been faithful for many years.

Flowers, plants for the vegetable garden… many varieties to buy

As in each edition, the flower market offers a wide variety of bulbs, perennials, roses, shrubs, succulents with, in addition, the expert advice of professionals.

Vegetable garden enthusiasts were able to choose between tomato plants, lettuces, peppers and other aromatic plants carefully prepared by the producers. As for the simple visitors, they enjoyed the spectacle of the flowers, discovered the workshops and activities offered, discussed pollination, biodiversity and beekeeping or even did some shopping on the various pottery stands, baskets, honey, essential oils…

The collective “Serres we elbows” circulates its petition

They could be distinguished by the signs they wore. The members of the Saint-Etienne collective “Serres on nous les elbows” were present at the Parc de l’Europe, for the Plant Festival.

This group of residents was formed following the decision to close municipal greenhouses, announced by the City of Saint-Étienne, to save energy. They claim another approach which they explained to interested visitors and which would consist, among other things, of pooling greenhouses at the level of the Metropolis in order to preserve the know-how of gardeners.

Throughout the weekend, they distribute explanatory flyers and offer Saint-Etienne residents to support them by signing their petition. Saturday at the end of the day, a hundred signatures had already been collected.

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