10 tips to boost your CRM with emailing

Emailing is a very important action lever in any CRM
(Customer Relationship Management). Indeed, it makes it possible to recruit,
retain and relaunch customers, in short to create a link.

As part of optimizing prospecting budgets, the digital
marketing department does not hesitate to use this very economical tool within
its multi-channel strategy.

Discover the tips and good practices in CRM, for the
management of your emailing campaigns in particular.


Back to the notions
of CRM and emailing


Customer Relationship Management, or Customer Relationship
Management, is “all marketing and commercial devices or operations aimed
at optimizing the quality of the customer relationship, building loyalty and
maximizing turnover or margin per customer. (source Marketing definitions)

It is the art of optimizing your company’s interactions with
your customers and prospects.

The objective is the collection, processing and analysis of
information on each customer and prospect in order to assist the management of
the customer relationship.

Several tools exist to achieve these ends: software to
create and feed a qualified database (contact details, purchasing habits,
seniority, birthday, etc.), customer satisfaction questionnaires, loyalty
programs, after -sales and the star of the day: emailing.



Emailing, or mass emailing, is a marketing campaign carried
out through the email channel.

Often cited as the lever ensuring the best return on
investment, it is an excellent marketing tool to serve your customer
relationship management, thanks to the possible interaction between your
emailing solution and your CRM database.

89% of marketers say that email is their first channel for
generating leads (source DigitaWeb).

And according to a joint comarketing-news study, Aberdeen
Campaign Monitor, Chief Marketer, DMA (January 2018):

  • email is the preferred channel for Internet users to
    interact with brands, ahead of social networks (at 52%);
  • it is also the way to reach 98% of email users aged 18 to


10 tips to optimize your CRM with emailing

Emailing is one of the strings you need to add to your CRM

In a multichannel marketing campaign, emailing integrating
data from your CRM database will enhance the effectiveness of your
communication with your customers.


Tip 1: Determine your goals

Do you want to acquire new customers? Retain those you
already have?

Customer acquisition can relate to a strategy of conquest,
prospecting, necessary for the development of any business, but with an
uncertain return on investment (ROI).

Email is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter
in acquiring new customers (source DigitaWeb).

According to several sources, acquiring customers costs 5 to
7 times more than retaining them.

And according to the Pareto principle, 80% of turnover is
achieved by 20% of the best customers, hence the importance of not neglecting a
loyalty strategy.

Any company must achieve these two objectives, taking into
account its current situation (launch of the company, mature company with
strong competition, etc.).


Tip 2: Sort, target, segment

Clean up your database

Your database should be updated regularly (change of
reported email, geographic location, unsubscribe requests) to optimize emailing
campaigns upstream and ensure good deliverability.

Too many errors in your mailing-list are likely to cause you
to be detected as spammers by the messaging services, to put you on a blacklist
and therefore to block you.

You must also have opt-in, consenting subscribers. Don’t
take the risk of being moved to spam.

In short, take great care of your database, it is the basis
of your CRM.



Knowing your targets, their behaviors, their habits, is
essential both to acquire customers AND to retain them.

You can have a very precise target, or a very wide one. This
is targeted marketing.

In the latter case, you will not send the same campaigns to
your customers and prospects, to those who are 18-25 years old and those who
are over 50, etc.



Whether or not your emailing service provider is integrated
into your CRM software, segment for the most targeted and efficient emailing.

Select the recipients according to the information you have:
age, gender, department, prospect, customer, purchasing habits, etc.

77% of the ROI of emails comes from segmented and
well-targeted campaigns from the start (source DigitaWeb).

Several advantages:

  • The recipient is more likely to be interested and therefore
    read you the nextagain. The risk of unsubscribing is reduced.
  • The cost is optimized: depending on the emailing service
    provider you use, the emails sent may be limited in number, but above all be
    billed individually, whether they are delivered, opened, or deleted without
    having been read. Do you see the importance of sorting? You can thus optimize
    your marketing budget and break down this substantial saving to invest it in
    other complementary levers.

️ Congratulations, you have
just crossed the first barrier, your emailing is delivered!


Tip 3: Be eye-catching

According to Jeff Rosenblum, American expert and founder of
the digital agency Questus, consumers are confronted with 5,000 marketing messages
per day. Imperative: stand out!

The subject of the email is very important, it is the
gateway to your emailing. It should be intriguing, personalized, and not

Discover some words to banish (source the moderator’s blog).

You have an additional 26% chance that a personalized email
will be opened (source Marketing Management).

It is also recommended to make an eye-catching preheader.
Preheader elements display first and are visible in preview windows and on
mobile. They are also visible when the display of images is not activated.

️ Second barrier crossed, your
emailing is open!


Tip 4: Take care of the content

The content must be short and interesting for your target,
alternating text and images (for a ratio of 70%/30%).

The links should be visible but few in number, and the
design pleasing.

Do not put too much information, written or graphic, so as
not to drown the reader and make him miss the main message (new product,
current promotion).

Personalization being king, know that it improves the click
through rate by 14% and the conversion rate by 10%.

Finally, do not hesitate to use storytelling: whether it is
the story of your company or customer testimonials, loyalty now depends on the
emotion factor.


Tip 5: Interact with your customer

In your content, it is essential to interact with the
customer or prospect by inserting call to action buttons, such as “find
out more”, “read more” or even “download your discount
coupon here”.

The landing page, literally the page where they land, must
also be neat, up-to-date, operational (no 404 errors) and keep the promise of
the button, otherwise the reader will be angry.


Tip 6: Anticipate bugs and blockages

In the digital age, bugs are still possible depending on the
computer equipment and the connection of your recipient.

The format

Your emailing is in HTML format.

Did you spend time researching and integrating images? Rare
are the recipients who will not be able to read your emailing but…

In the campaign settings, if you can, offering a text
version of your emailing ensures that it is readable, even without the images.
In this logic, fill in the ALT tag of the images (field displayed when
uploading the image to the platform) so that a text appears in their place in
the event of a problem.

In any case, they should not be too heavy to optimize the
display time.

Also propose a link in the preheader to allow the
consultation of the email in a browser: “if this message is not displayed
correctly, click here”.


Think responsive

61% read their emails on a smartphone (more than 23 million
people in France – source Marketing Management)

It is therefore necessary that the content is displayed
correctly according to the medium used, whether it is a 20-inch computer, a
tablet or a smartphone.

Don’t take the risk that your message will be truncated or



Most emailing providers offer a preview of your emailing and
a test send to the email address used to create your account.

If possible, test to several email services, Gmail does not
process the display of emails in the same way as Outlook for example.

Before clicking on “definitive sending”, take the
time to proofread and correct the small errors thus detected.


Tip 7: Create a link

Display your social media buttons and link to your website.

One of the main objectives is to drive traffic to your site.

Also allow easy sharing of your content via dedicated

A great promotional operation or the launch of an innovative
product is likely to be shared with friends by email or on social networks, and
therefore go viral.

This will generate clicks and meet your double expectation:
conquer new targets and stay connected to loyal customers.


Tip 8: Be blameless

Your information

In the settings, when you enter your sender email, avoid
neutral and non-response addresses such as [email protected], even if it means
creating one dedicated to the newsletter if you fear being overwhelmed by

You must be identifiable to the recipient (logo, name of
your company, address, email, etc.).


Respect for the law

You risk your reputation.

There are therefore legal imperatives to take into account,
such as the mandatory and obvious presence of an unsubscribe link.

The new GDPR regulations also require obtaining the prior,
express and explicit consent of the person concerned before sending advertising

Attention: the fact of accepting general conditions of sale
in a contract does not constitute agreement, nor can you pre-check the consent
boxes or influence the latter through prizes or reductions.


Tip 9: Find the right timing

Plan the mailing according to the habits of your target.

Here are several avenues, to be adapted according to the
analysis of performance indicators (or KPIs):

  • If you are in a BtoB model, working hours are preferred.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays are preferable, with Monday being a
    day when we “catch up” on all the emails received since Friday, Wednesday a
    slower day at work and Friday the preferred day to take a day off.

The time slots for arriving at the office and returning from
lunch are also strategic.

For the BtoC, it is more or less the opposite, the moments
of reading being rather early in the morning, at the lunch break, in the evening
and on weekends.

Please note, depending on the number of your recipients,
some free emailing solutions differ in part from the emailings, which they send
in “packets”. Your strategy in terms of timing is thwarted.

As for paid emailing software, they offer options such as
mass or regulated debit and delayed or immediate sending of emailings, but also
behavioral analysis functions that will help you over the mailings tofind the
ideal day and time of sending.

Above all, dose the mailings: 78% of customers unsubscribe
from a newsletter when they receive too many emails from the same recipient
(source DigitaWeb).


Tip 10: Analyze your successes and mistakes

Deliverability rate

It is the ability of email to pass the anti-spam filters of
internet service providers and corporate IT departments, which are increasingly

If your rate is bad, it is probably because your database is
not up to date and has too many errors. It is essential to remedy this as soon
as possible, otherwise you will be blacklisted.


The opening rate

This is the number of times the emailing was actually opened
by the recipient.

If it is not satisfactory, review your targeting but also
your object.


Click through rate

The number of times the recipient clicked on the links
contained in the emailing and on the “call to action” buttons.

See what works best across campaigns and adjust.


Engagement rate

It is the ratio of click through rate to open rate.


Email conversion rate

This touches on the objective of your campaign and its

This is the number of people who actually carried out the
action you expected from them (subscription, purchase, quote request, etc.).

🛠 monday.com CRM is a
CRM software that allows you to create, store, send and track your emails
easily and quickly. Thanks to customizable email templates, create emailing
campaigns that suit you and save time by automating their sending. Finally,
analyze your campaigns using key indicators updated in real time!

️ You have finished reading our
10 tips! Now let’s move on to CRM tools dedicated to emailing.


Several CRM tools dedicated to emailing

Free turnkey emailing providers

Platforms called “routers” exist, with free but
limited formulas, on which you can use a template among several options, then,
after prior export of an email listing from your database, import this file in
.csv format. or .txt.

Benefits :

  • economic,
  • intuitive, easy to use,
  • without engagement,
  • you can switch from the free version to the paid version at
    any time,
  • few analytical data available.


  • The limit: the emailing solution offers you 6,000 free
    mailings per month and you have a big campaign to send? Often, you won’t be
    able to exceed 200 sends per day;
  • The generation of the file to do yourself then to integrate
    into the emailing platform.
  • Paid emailing service providers, integrated into your
  • You choose a paid email service provider that can integrate
    with your existing tools.

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